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Hotel Introduction:

The hotel is located in the southern suburbs of Jinan, Jinan Central , east of the scenic Thousand Buddha Mountain , West adjoin hero pines covered mountains , winding mountains of South Hill Taishan Mountain , north of blooms Hang botanical garden. The hotel covers an area of 1160 mu, building area of 115,800 square meters , Shandong Province is an important place for the reception Ambassador , known as " Shandong Diaoyutai ," said another member of the National Tourism Association , "provincial advanced collective top ten professional ethics ", " provincial spiritual civilization advanced units . "

Museum facilities, financial holiday break , gourmet banquet , conference talks, entertainment and fitness as a whole. The main building has a " workers" -shaped reception building , consisting of clubs and seven -story villa-style buildings . Luxurious , 548 standard rooms (sets) , 1016 beds , conferences , meetings , interview , negotiate halls and rooms of more than 40 sets , 38 different styles of classical culture and contemporary restaurant set in one of the luxurious amenities , ready to provide Chinese and Western dishes , Qilu dishes. There museum auditorium , tennis courts, indoor pool, ballroom , bowling , gym , billiards room, a comprehensive shopping mall, business center , bar and advanced and efficient communications equipment.

Museum garden unique , four green and pleasant climate , beautiful. Rare flowers peonies , roses, black pine , ginkgo 40,000 lines , dotted among the buildings, street . 50 acres of water surface of the artificial lake , 6 acres of water in the river like a jade -like jade mosaic , pavilions , waterfalls, bridges , beautiful than Lake , fascinating. Decorative building a new president for the first seven -story buildings , the Chinese and Western luxury furniture , six -language simultaneous interpretation of the international conference hall and a multi-purpose hall seasons more elegant, magnificent.



  • Jinan international airport about 40 kilometers away from the hotel, about 120 yuan. Such as by every hour of the airport bus (20 yuan/person), get off at the jinan long-distance bus station, then to the southern suburbs of dozen hotel about 16 yuan, or by 32 bus to quancheng park (that is, the ma on shan road station), walk to the east is south of the hotel. 

  • Jinan railway station about 5 km away from southern hotel, can take 43 bus to 34 road or off springs park station (that is, the ma on shan road), go to the east is south of the hotel. From jinan railway station to southern hotel is about 12 yuan. 

  • Jinan long-distance bus station about 8 km away from southern hotel, can take 32 bus to quancheng park (that is, the Maanshan road station), walk to the east is south of the hotel. From jinan long-distance bus station south of a taxi to hotel about 16 yuan. 

  • From the beijing-fuzhou, beijing-shanghai high-speed car from north exit of jinan to Qingdao direction on high-speed, namely north round high-speed along the river to the jinan jinan export highway (bridge) has no place in jinan city, along the river road viaduct to jade letter crossing the bridge, turn left at the traffic light is to the south of the hotel. 

  • South, the north has a car can also be used by the jinan west of beijing-fuzhou, beijing-shanghai high-speed export, along with ten travel east road viaduct (about 8 km) to the provincial sport centre mouth right to jade letter road about 300 meters, see the first crossroads turn left to the south of the hotel. 

  • Jinan west railway station bus routes: west exports the outbound, take the K156 bus, stood by her, 42 bus, in ma on shan road station, after you get off on the road, to the east 500 meters. Along the sunan taxi routes: west exports the outbound, yantai road on the road, turn left, turn right to qilu road, turn left to the ten road, about 11 km, turn right to the jade letter road, 600 meters left to ma on shan road, ma on shan road in the south of 500 meters by the hotel. Take a taxi to the 14 km, about 35 yuan, forty minutes. 


Address: 2-1 Ma'anshan Rd., Jinan, Shandong Province, P.R.China


Room reservation:

Operator: (86-531)82958888



Hotel Introduction:

Located downtown Jinan, Shandong Hotel covers an area of 150 mu (10 hectares) with a floor area of 135,000 m2. With Qianfo Hill to the east and Quancheng Park on the north, this is absolutely a perfect and peaceful haven. Shandong Hotel officially opened on March 18, 2002, and became a five-star tourist hotel under the official approval of China National Tourism Administration on August 12, 2003.

Designed by the world-famous US John Portman & Associates, Shandong Hotel consists of three sections: guestroom building, convention center and the Great Hall of Shandong; and is a grand and comprehensive five-star tourist hotel,incorporating various receptions, accommodations, meetings, recreation, and performance,etc.

Shandong Hotel enjoys an excellent location and convenient transportation, 40 kilometers to Jinan International Airport, 6 kilometers to Jinan Railway Station, and about 15 minutes walk to the downtown. It takes about one hour drive to visit Mt. Tai (the top of the five sacred mountains in China) or Qufu (Confucius' hometown).

Shandong Hotel boasts 500 guestrooms and 1,000-plus beds, all enjoying sightseeing on deluxe floors, super deluxe floors, and executive floors; 12 restaurants of Chinese and Western styles and 40 luxury private rooms where 2,200 guests can dine at the same time. Golden Hall is the most distinctive multi-functional hall in the city of Jinan for grand banquets accommodating 1,000 guests.

The convention center models upon the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, consisting of 29 meeting halls of different styles such as the Movie Hall (600-plus seats with simultaneous interpretation) and 17 meeting halls named after the major cities in Shandong Province. All these form an expo of Qilu culture with their distinctive decorations, thus making the ideal place for all kinds of meetings and small- and medium-scale expositions.

With a seating capacity of 2,500 guests, the Great Hall of Shandong boasts lifting and moving stage with two 200-inch high-resolution LED screens set up beside, and is the best venue for grand meetings, music parties, and art performances.

Besides, the parking lot is available for more than 500 cars.

All staff members of Shandong Hotel are looking forward to welcoming guests from home and abroad.



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